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'I thought he really enjoyed the experience ... personally I've never had such a good response to reminiscence.''

Care assistant (Dundee) discussing a CIRCA session conducted with an 83 year old resident with moderate dementia

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Caring for people with dementia will be one of the major challenges of the 21st century.
Advancing technology can offer ways to support and enhance personal care for people
with dementia, providing that systems are sensibly designed with the needs of potential
users always taken into account.

CIRCA Connect is a new company founded by a multi-disciplinary team of academics who develop
computer-based technologies to support people living with dementia. The team, from the
Universities of Dundee and St Andrews in Scotland, have been working together for over
10 years and bring together expertise in the fields of design, psychology and computer science.

The company is named after the team's internationally renowned conversation support system
CIRCA (Computer Interactive Reminiscence and Conversation Aid).

CIRCA is now being marketted in the UK to care homes and day care centres.
For information about buying CIRCA contact Norman Alm by telephone at (01382) 385596
or by email at nalm@computing.dundee.ac.uk. Direct email link is here

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